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Posts by Robert Rodriguez Jr

The Four Principles of Fine-Art Paper Selection

One of the most important questions you will ask yourself as you either start or continue to print your work is “what paper do I choose?” This question will never go away, but with practice and a creative approach becomes easier to answer. In fact I’d say it’s the question I look forward to the…

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Your Printing Questions Answered

Q. With today’s advances in enlarging or upsizing files, such as Photoshop’s new “Preserve-detail 2” option, do you need a full frame camera to get good quality prints as big as 40×60 inches? A. The question of how large a print you can make from a particular image file is mostly dependent on actual resolution—the…

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#3: My 5 Principles of Landscape Photography

In this episode I share my 5 guiding principles of landscape photography. In summary they are: Focus on passion over location Master the tools Remove the non-essentials Prioritize composition Embrace failure; focus on the experience, not the outcome Books mentioned: The Photographers Eye by Michael Freeman The Photographers Mind by Michael Freeman Deep Work by…

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