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Posts by Robert Rodriguez Jr

#2: Ask Me Anything

In this first full length episode of the CreativePath podcast, I answer all of your questions regarding photography, printing, camera technique, developing vision and personal style, and much more. Submit your questions for future episodes here.

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Preview: The CreativePath Podcast

I’m happy to announce The Creative Path Podcast, something I’ve been thinking about for some time, but decided 2019 would be the year to launch. This preview episode introduces your host as well as some of the topics and ideas I hope to share over the coming episodes; namely cultivating a creative mindset in your…

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Why ICC Profiles Are So Important for Printing

I had an article published for Shutterbug Magazine titled “Why ICC Profiles Are So Important for Printing” which outlines why I recommend using ICC profiles when making fine art prints. While you can find varied opinion on this, I always recommend consistency in a printing workflow, so that you can reduce the variables and focus…

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Some Recent Questions During a Printing Masterclass

One of my favorite parts of any workshops is answering student questions as it often leads to related topics I may not have thought of on my own, but which ultimately prove worthwhile exploring for all involved. I love that aspect of all workshops because it means each is unique and open to whatever students are…

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