Helping Each Other Inside the CreativePath Community Forum

One of the benefits that I offer to students of our workshops, or those who purchase one of my books, is access to the private CreativePath Community forum.

The concept behind the forum was my desire to create a community where members experience a sense of connection to others around a common goal: to support each other in their creative efforts. It’s a private space where like-minded people can learn from each other in a way that is healthy and generous. It’s a place you can ask for help and never have to worry about feeling judged or criticized.

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Finding The Right Photography Workshop For You

This guest post is by photographer Martha Villada, who is also a long time student and friend. She shares some questions and answers you might have about photography workshops. Thanks Martha! Are you wondering if a photography workshop is really worth the money? A better question might be, “what are my goals for taking a…

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New "Ask Me Anything" Video Series

As part of my ongoing effort to create more videos to share and inspire, I’m starting a new “Ask Me Anything” video series that I plan to record monthly. You’ll be able to submit questions on any topic related to photography and creativity, and anything else I can help with. I was recently asked by…

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How to Find Long Term Motivation

  How often have you come across the phrase “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey?” It’s an idea I’ve promoted over and over again and it still remains my particular approach to creativity and one I believe is mostly true. Yet there is a deeper question that I want to address. What…

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