Printmaker Masterclass

Learn the art and craft of fine art printing
Finally, the online course for the aspiring PrintMaker

Do you want to print your own work but don’t know where to start? Do you feel intimidated by all the technical jargon and emphasis on gear and specs that seem to dominate any attempt to make your own prints?

Are you already printing but not happy with your results?

This course demystifies the art and craft of printing, letting you take creative control of your of your work and creative vision.

  • Printing lets you connect on a much deeper level with your photography.

  • This course has been taught to hundreds of satisfied students.

  • In addition to the course material, you'll gain access to our private creative community forum where you'll continue to get support and inspiration.

What's Inside the Masterclass

The course is divided into nine foundational modules that explain the concepts in short, easy to understand videos.

Simple and clear explanations with examples and real world scenarios illustrate the why and how of making fine art prints. 


Basic introduction to the course, the instructor, and why fine art printing improves your photography and creative vision. 

The Art of Paper

Learn the "image-centric" approach to paper selection, where you choose a paper and it's unique characteristics so that it complements your vision. Fine art paper selection will become a powerful creative tool!

Developing for Print

The foundation for any good print is a strong image! Learn how to use Lightroom to develop your images creatively and authentically. 

What Defines a Great Print

Learn the technical and aesthetic qualities that define a great print and how to acheive them in your own printing. 

Understanding Print Permanence

Learn the important aspects of print longevity, how to improve and what to avoid. Critical for anyone selling their work or printing for others. 

The Print Workflow

Learn an efficient workflow that eliminates frustration and breaks down resolution, soft=proofing, and printer driver settings into manageable easy to use steps of making your prints.  

Hardware & Software

We explore the different hardware and software options for the printmaker and which is best for you. 

Demystifying Color Management

Understand ICC profiles, color spaces, monitor calibration, and other concepts in simple, clear explanations that will help you make accurate prints consistently. 

Presentation & Sharing

Printing your own work isn't complete unless you find ways to share your work with the world. Here we explore many options that will set you apart from the crowd. 

Bonuses Include
Access to the private CreativePath Community Forum

Surrounding yourself with like-minded photographers gives you more inspiration, more confidence and more passion for making great images!

Lifetime Access

Start when you’re ready, take your time, and go through the course as often as you like - including access to updates. 

45-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the Masterclass, I am happy to give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Questions & Answers

Presentation options

Evaluation prints

Canson Infinity papers

Evaluating prints

Robert Rodriguez Jr

Hello. My name is Robert and I'm your host and guide through the Printmaker Masterclass.

I’ve printed all of my own exhibition prints for the past ten years, and have exhibited them in many galleries and art fairs. I print my own work in order to exercise the maximum amount of creative control. I love the idea of working with something I can touch and feel, something that adds an extra depth and dimension to what I capture, and I’m passionate about sharing that with others.


My field and studio workshops have helped hundreds of photographers like you discover the creative potential that exists in all of us. I want to help you learn and explore the art of printmaking to reach new creative heights.


I’m the author of “Digital Fine Art Printing – Field Guide for Photographers.”


I’m also a Canson Infinity ambassador, a select group of international artists that uphold and exemplify the Canson heritage of paper making since 1557.


Pre-Launch Special

The PrintMaker Masterclass launches on March 19th, 2018. If you register now, you'll receive the following extra benefits:

  • Early access to the Members-Only forum

    Get access to the members-only forum as soon as you register and start interacting with like minded photographers, ask questions, and stay inspired. 

  • Canson Infinity Trial Pack

    Receive a Canson Infinity Discovery Pack with 6 fine art papers to explore. (2 sheets of 3 types) US Only

  • Two 8.5"x11" fine art prints

    For a limited time, receive two 8.5" x 11" prints of your work for evaluation. 

Complete Masterclcass / Pre-Launch Special

$249 ($295 after launch) Lifetime

  • 9 Modules
  • 30+ Videos
  • PDF Worksheets
  • Member-Only Community