Join me for this intensive online workshop focused on the art and craft of digital printmaking. While I cover every aspect of printing in-depth, this workshop is designed to take the complexity and frustration out of printing, whether you’re just getting started or want to take your printing skills further.

Printing your own work is a rich and rewarding experience that adds to your creative potential. Learn how to craft an expressive print that conveys your vision as a photographer and visual artist.

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1. Introduction

2. Defining a Great Print

3. Hardware and Software

4. Understanding Color Management & Resolution

5. The Art of Paper Selection

6. Developing for Print

7. The Complete Print Workflow

8. Handling & Presenting  Your Prints

9. Printmaker Resources

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What Others Have Said

Bringing creativity back to photography
By: George Ball

Although I have been using a camera for over 50 years, since I went to digital I had to re-learn some of the tradecraft. Although I have been concentrating on wildlife photography with reasonable success and satisfaction, I felt there was something missing. I purchased a new Canon Pro-2100 for Christmas and was figuring out how to use it when I came across Robert's master class in printing. I spent two weekends working through the course and I finally realized what was missing in my photography. When we had film, as Robert says, you had to print it to have it. What I realized in taking the course is that I was missing the print. I still have a road to travel but I now have regained my creativity. By focusing on my photos as art and the art as a print, I have a renewed sense of satisfaction with my photography. I'm not sure if everyone would get the same thing from this course, but for me it was finding the missing piece in my artistic process. Many thanks Robert for putting together a great course. George

A fantastic course
By: Anthony Falsarella

I am very pleased to have taken this course and encourage others that want to bring their photography to a new level to take it. Robert has clear and concise video lessons along with resources for offline use that make this a superior Masterclass. I have been doing some printing for years, but after taking this course, I have learned some new tricks and ideas to bring my images to a new level. I would find myself after completing a lesson, open up Lightroom, select an image and try what I just learned and apply it with great results. This is definitely a course for not only the beginner, but also for those of us that want to take their printmaking to a higher level. I can highly recommend this Masterclass.

Everything you need to know about printmaking
By: Timothy Giordano

I came across Robert Rodriguez Jr.'s videos on youtube. I watched them with great interest and then found his website. I saw that he did a 2-day workshop in NY; however, I was hoping that he turned it into an online course. Wow! I learned so much from this course. I realized that I was only doing half of what I needed to do when making a print. I knew how to utilize the tools in LR; however, it was great to get another refresher and see another photographer's take on what he uses. I never used all that was available at my fingertips when printing. This course is invaluable to me. I love that I can go back and review the lessons again, but the resources and methods that Robert provides is invaluable. It is an excellent course that is well organized, that is taught at a very understandable pace, that is in-depth, and that is always yours to review. There was never a moment I felt overwhelmed. I can't why to try all that I've learned when printing my photos. I'm looking forward to future updates.

Printmaking Masterclass review
By: Allen Dobryden

This class has renewed my interest in photography. For a long time I have been reluctant to print images, or even have someone else print them, as they often did not reflect what I intended or saw on the screen. The quality of the presentations is excellent, and the content is right on point. There is much more here than just learning how to 'print.' If you patiently go through the videos, and I suggest follow up with a little Lightroom practice as you go along, any beginner or novice will pick up a lot about what makes a good image, how to enhance and correct images, how to pick a paper, and yes how to make the print (ie the entire workflow). Some of the best education money I ever spent! Thanks for that Robert. Al Dobryden

Printmaking Masterclass
By: Paul Verroche

Robert's Printmaking class is nothing short of excellent. I know of nowhere else that you could get this kind of in depth tutorial. It gave me the confidence and tools to take my photography to a new level through print. This course is great value and should be considered by anyone wanting to get into printing. Looking forward to added material as time goes by. Thank You Robert Paul V