Online Courses

Intro to Fine Art Printing-FREE

Join me on this free Intro to Fine Art Printing Course where I share basic but essential concepts and practical info to help you get started making your very own fine art prints!

Printmaker Masterclass

Do you want to print your own work but don’t know where to start? Do you want to improve your current printmaking skills?

This course demystifies the art and craft of printing, letting you take creative control of your of your work and creative vision.

Lightroom Classic Masterclass

Do you want to elevate your photography and creative editing skills? Would you like to gain mastery of Lightroom Classic?

Join me in this 5-week online live masterclass where I help you understand and leverage all the essential features of Lightroom Classic.

"A good teacher does not teach facts, he or she teaches enthusiasm, open-mindedness and values."