Lightroom Classic Masterclass

Master the art and craft of Lightroom

Master the Power of Lightroom

A Comprehensive 5-Week Live Course

Do you want to elevate your photography and creative editing skills? Would you like to gain mastery of Lightroom Classic?

Join me in this 5-week online live masterclass where I help you understand and leverage all the essential features of Lightroom Classic.

Limited to just 10 students, this course offers a unique blend of in-depth knowledge and practical expertise, tailored to help you harness the full potential of Lightroom.. All sessions will be conducted live over Zoom, and you can participate on your Mac, PC, or iPad.

  • The masterclass meets 11 times over five weeks to provide ample time for instruction, Q+A, and individual instruction. 

  • Simple and clear explanations with real-world examples illustrate the how and why of using Lightroom effectively and efficiently.

  • LIVE & RECORDED - Every live session is recorded with lifetime access.

What's Inside the Masterclass

Week 1: Introduction & Foundation

Intro to the course, then dive into the user interface, managing catalogs, organization and basic workflow.

Week 2: Master the Library Module

Explore photo organization, keywording, searching and filtering, and batch editing techniques.

Week 3: Develop Module I

Get hands-on with the Develop module, learning basic editing, and local adjustments.

Week 4: Develop Module II

Push your skills further with advanced editing & local adjustments, b&w conversion and editing, and more.

Week 5: Exporting & Student image editing!

Exporting and sharing, and our final session where you can share one of your images for editing feedback and ideas!

Week 6: BONUS Q+A

Our final bonus session where you can ask me anything about Lightroom and what we've covered in the course. 

Also Included!
Support & Feedback in our Private Community

When you join, you’ll also get access to our private community, where you’ll be able to interact with me and other students.

Our amazing community is ready and available to provide quick answers to the questions you have.

Lifetime Access

Start when you’re ready, take your time, and go through the course as often as you like - including access to updates. 

30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the Masterclass, I am happy to give you a full refund, no questions asked.


10 min excerpt from session 3.1

Your Instructor

Hello! I'm Robert Rodriguez Jr., a landscape photographer with a deep-rooted passion for the natural world. My journey in photography has spanned 18 years, and I've had the privilege of using Adobe Lightroom since its initial beta release by Adobe in 2006.

What excites me most about Lightroom is using it as a creative tool to realize my vision for my work. It allows me to interpret my raw files to convey something personal to the viewer. That's my motivation for this masterclass—to help you use it the same way.

My Teaching Philosophy

I firmly believe in teaching the 'how to learn' as much as the 'what to learn.' My philosophy is grounded in first principles thinking — breaking down complex ideas to their most basic elements and building understanding from the ground up. My goal is to explain difficult concepts in a way that's easy to grasp, ensuring that you not only learn techniques but also understand the reasoning behind them.


"Just wanted to send a big THANK YOU! for that wonderful class.  I really enjoyed it — and it was very helpful to me.  I feel like the interface is demystified… and it was so helpful to get your perspective on using the application...Your clarity and patience was so much appreciated."

Jessica Wickham

Please choose the dates for the masterclass that you prefer from below!

Lightroom Masterclass (June 2024)

Session Dates: June 24th - July 25th (10 Sessions + Q+A)
**July 4th will be rescheduled to July 5th

Days: Every Tuesday & Thursday
Times: 1:00-2:30pm EST
Plus a 1 hour Q+A session (to be scheduled)

Sale Price: $299.00
(Regular: $349)

Lightroom Masterclass (Aug 2024)

Session Dates: TBD

Days: Every Tuesday & Thursday
Times: 1:00-2:30pm EST
Plus a 1 hour Q+A session (to be scheduled)

Sale Price: $299.00
(Regular: $349)