• Do you struggle with composition? 
  • Or with creatively optimizing your images in Lightroom to realize your vision? 
  • Would you benefit from a more creative approach to developing your images based on why to use the tools instead of how?

Join me every two weeks on a live stream video where I critique and develop two images submitted by subscribers. You will also have the opportunity to submit questions via chat. 

As a subscriber, you’ll get valuable insights into what can be improved and why, plus tips on camera technique, composition, and photographic vision. Watch as I develop images and learn how and why to use Lightroom’s powerful tools, including insights into my creative workflow.

Topics include:

  • Framing and composition—aesthetic and technical considerations
  • Best camera practices
  • Basic and advanced Lightroom adjustments for maximum impact
  • Dodging and burning for compositional strength
  • Advanced tools and edits
  • Q+A


Live stream sessions will last approximately one hour and will take place every other Tuesday at 8pm EDT. A recording of the session will also be available shortly after for those who don’t join live.

Creative Critique Monthly

per month

Creative Critique 6 Months

every 6 months