Our Core Values

"I want to inspire photographers to think of their passion as more than simply taking pictures. I want to help them see photography as a way to cultivate their creativity, and in the process express themselves in a way that is personal, meaningful, and fulfilling." - founder Robert Rodriguez Jr

CreativePath Workshops are for those who want to go beyond the gear and technology, and the dependence on tools, and instead harness the tools in the service of what really makes the difference, your inner creative vision.

Founded by landscape photographer Robert Rodriguez Jr, we help photographers who seek to make some sort of change with their photography; those who wish to express something personal.

When you take one to our workshops, you will see things differently than you did before, in ways that will give you the tools and the motivation to engage more fully with your photography on a personal and creative level.

You will be challenged, but you will also grow in the healthiest way possible.

You’ll learn that there is more potential in yourself than you thought existed.


Robert Rodriguez Jr

Founder, Instructor