Creative Critique-Live: Image Upload

Upload your image below for consideration in the next Creative Critique Live. Images will be selected on a random basis - my goal is to help everyone equally!

Uploading an image is optional. You are welcome to participate and ask questions without submitting an image.

File Specs:

Please upload a jpeg or DNG file only.

  • Jpeg files - A maximum size of 1,800pixels on the long side will be accepted.
  • DNG Files - Please export your RAW file from Lightroom as a DNG. DNG files must be archived as a .zip file for upload. There is no loss of quality. See below for instructions.
  • PLEASE put your name in the filename of the file.

Note: Max file size is 30MB, so if your RAW file is larger than 30MB, please use a jpeg instead.

[*Any and all images submitted will be used ONLY for this and future webinars and I will mention the photographer's name during the webinar. I completely respect your copyright to the image and promise never to use the image afterward without consent from the owner. Images used for any webinar will be deleted after the webinar is complete.]

How To Create a .zip Archive for DNG Files


Right or Control-Click the dng file and select Compress from the sub-menu.

Windows 10

Select and right-click the dng file. In the context menu, select "Send to -> Compressed (zipped folder)". This will compress your selected file to new .zip file in current folder.